Let's Make These Priority

I spent my college years studying our climate and the evidence is there. Our globe is rapidly warming due to carbon dioxide release from the overuse of fossil fuels. The most compelling evidence of this is from ice core samples of fossil ice. With harmful impacts like sea level rise, ecosystem shifts, hurricanes intensifying, and increases in wild fires, the mitigation of global temperature increase needs to be a priority for everyone and the generations to come.

With that being said, I plan to turn The Northwest Bear into a non-profit organization by 2022 to raise funds for multiple causes. I have a goal to build a brand that can partner with other organizations who share the same concerns and will act on it. It has become a personal goal to take action on climate change with a focus on driving clean renewable power into the energy industry.

Other areas of focus for The Northwest Bear: 

  • National Park Conservation

  • Grizzly Bear Preservation

Until then, you can catch me brainstorming in the mountains.

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Follow my thoughts, ideas, and adventures as I prepare to summit the tallest peaks in the Pacific Northwest.

Hello. I'm Kelley and I'm a bear.
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